Trail walk at Calderwood preserve, Saturday, September 15, 9:30 AM

Come along on a 1.5 mile walk in the woods and out to the shore of Maquoit Bay. Flat and easy. It would be easy to go to the Crystal Farmer’s Market, which opens at 8:30, and stop off for the walk on your way back to Freeport.

Directions: Follow Flying Point Road nearly to the Brunswick line. It’s not quite 5.5 miles from LL Bean at Bow and Main Streets. Look for small FCT signs on either side of the road in a wooded section. Park on the shoulder.

From the Farmer’s Market, proceed west on Pleasant Hill Road. At the oblique, 4-way intersection, bear left onto Casco Road. This road becomes Flying Point Road in Freeport. Calderwod is about 4.5 miles from Crystal Spring.

Click for directions and a map.

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