Mushroom talk

Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms
Thursday, January 31, 7 – 8:30 pm, Freeport Community Center
Greg Marley, a Maine mushroom expert and enthusiast, will be making a presentation accompanied by slides. All are invited to this mid-winter pick-me-up.
As Greg Marley says, “Those who forage for mushrooms are driven by a hunger for their great unique flavor and potential health benefits. Others avoid wild mushrooms entirely, caught up in the fear of mistaking a poisonous mushroom for an edible look alike. Both the hope and fear, the bounty and the risk of illness are among the possible outcomes of a mushrooming outing. In truth, serious illness from mushrooms in America is pretty unusual.”
“Come learn about the Maine’s wild mushrooms. This talk will cover the best tasting, easily identified edibles that anyone can confidently collect as well as the worst of the toxic mushrooms found in Maine’s forests and fields.  Learn about the opportunity to sustainably collect world-class edible mushrooms as well as those prized for health promotion. The only thing standing in the way is having the knowledge and confidence to tell the good edible mushrooms from those toxic ones that can sicken you.Please spread the word to mushroom enthusiasts, wannabes and skeptics. All are welcome. Contributions appreciated.

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