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There is a short hilly loop at the beginning of the trail, followed by a leg out to Kelsey Brook, about 1.5 miles altogether, where the trail connects to the Antoinette Jackman Trail. The Brimstone Hill Trail is on private property that the owner has allowed the public to use; please stay on the blazed trail. Directions: From Pleasant Hill Road, turn onto Ringrose Road. The trailhead and parking area are on the left, 0.2 miles down Ringrose Road.

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For a 1.5-mile walk to the upper reaches of the Little River, go right at two intersections. Or go left at the first fork; continue a short ways to Kelsey Brook; make your own crossing and continue on the Kelsey Brook Trail. Or go right at the first fork and left at the second fork to connect to the Brimstone Hill Trail. Please stay on the blazed trails as the rest of the woods is private property and is not open to the public. Directions: Trailhead is at the end of Litchfield Road, on the left, where it meets Windpointe and is marked by a small diamond-shaped FCT sign on a tree. Park on Litchfield Road only.

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The trail traverses the back of a Mitchell Ledge Farm field, and then follows Kelsey Brook for about 1 mile, crossing the brook midway and passing  another farm field. At 1.5 miles you can cross Kelsey Brook, without a bridge, to reach the Antoinette Jackman Trail. Because the Kelsey Brook Trail is on privately owned land and because much of the property is a working farm, visitors must stay on the blazed trail, no pets are allowed, and people must stay away from the livestock.  Directions:  From downtown Freeport, follow Bow Street, bear right on Flying Point Road; turn left onto Litchfield Road. Continue 0.1 mile to a parking area on the left side of Litchfield Road.

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A short link trail between Bessie’s Farmstand and the Kelsey Brook Trail, just south of the bridge. Directions: Follow Litchfield Road 0.6 miles to Bessie’s Farmstand. Inquire in the shop how to reach the trail by walking to the right around back of the homestead. From the Kelsey Brook Trail, near the bridge, there is a sign to Bessie’s.  Park in Bessie’s lot or on Litchfield Road.

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The Calderwood property includes a 0.5-mile loop trail on the eastern side of the road which provides views of Maquoit Bay, and a 1-mile loop trail on the western side of the road. Directions: Calderwood is on Flying Point Road near the Brunswick town line. Trailheads on both sides of the road are indicated by small signs on posts.  Park on the shoulder of Flying Point Road.

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