Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my dog on FCT’s trails?

In most cases, yes. Always check the signs at the trailhead for property-specific rules. Dogs are not allowed on the Kelsey Brook Trail because it is adjacent to a working farm. At Sayles Field dogs need to be on leash within 500 feet of the road. Please try to carry out pet waste.

Does FCT allow hunting on its properties?

FCT does not prohibit hunting. Many of FCT’s trails are on private property with trail rights. Those landowners may post for “No Hunting” or may give hunters permission to access their land. November is the legal season for deer hunting with rifles and bow and muzzle loader season starts sooner and ends later. Hunting is never allowed on Sundays. It is best to stay out of the woods in November, except on Sundays.

What’s an easement?

A “conservation easement” is a legal agreement between a landowner and another entity such as FCT that permanently limits certain uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values. Usually no, or very limited, additional development can take place on land protected with an easement. However, landowners continue to own and use their land, even when it has an easement on it. They can sell it or pass it on to their heirs, but the limitations continue to apply. Sometimes public access is allowed on land under an easement, but not always. FCT monitors the easements it holds to be sure all conditions are being met.


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